Pribio – Syrup, dietary supplement

Clears the airways and helps you breathe. Syrup, dietary supplement

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Bioeliksir Pribio syrup is used to release the mucus in lower respiratory tract. It alleviates the symptoms and consequences of pathological nasal secretion, as well as unproductive cough, which usually appears in the spring and the summer in persons suffering from allergies. It noticeably improves general quality of life in persons suffering from such ailments.

Owing to the effect of thyme, primrose, squirting cucumber and mint, the syrup is an excellent expectorant with an antiseptic effect. It reduces the viscosity of thick mucus and facilitates expectoration. Thyme reduces the contraction of the bronchi and has an antibacterial effect, primrose stimulates and accelerates the removal of bronchial mucus, and fresh squirting cucumber juice has an anti-inflammatory effect and clears the nasal mucous membrane.

The syrup is recommended in case of upper and lower airway ailments, especially if the patient is secreting large quantities of thick mucus, for example in case of acute and chronic bronchitis, for the alleviation of bronchial asthma (helps with heavy breathing and the feeling of suffocating), hay fever, allergies, acute and chronic rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, and acute and chronic sinusitis.

The syrup is recommended as a supplement in the treatment of all medical skin issues – eczema (neurodermatitis, atopicdermatitis), and various forms of dermatitis and psoriasis, where the use of Bioeliksir Euten cream is recommended. Since the skin issues for the treatment of which the Bioeliksir Euten cream is used appear in cases of weakened immunity, we recommend Pribio syrup and Sineulin drops. The syrup and the drops strengthen the respiratory system, the body’s first line of defence, and they detoxify the organism, thus helping strengthen general immunity and completing Bioeliksir Euten cream treatment.

Not recommended for children.

  • Do not use during pregnancy of if oversensitive to any of the ingredients.
  • Do not use if suffering from diabetes.
  • Do not use if suffering from general serious diseases.

Do not exceed recommended daily doses; do not increase or reduce the dose, except if advised so by a doctor.

A dietary supplement is not a substitute or replacement for a balanced diet.