Euten Plus Creme

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Bioeliksir Europa Best Deal – Euten Plus Creme, 50g, -25% 

Euten Plus Creme-with Marigold

We are proud to present you Euten PLUS, our new and improved product, developed from the good and well-known Euten Classic. Euten Classic is the safest and the most natural assistant in keeping your skin healthy and beautiful.

Euten PLUS with the addition of the marigold plant (Calendula officinalis) will remove faster, better and with longer-lasting effects: allergic redness, itching, chapped and peeling skin, sores, dermatitis, neurodermatitis and even psoriasis and seborrhea. Marigold has been known as a hundred ailments healing plant and it is one of the most frequently used plants in fitotherapy. Owing to its significant flavonoid quantity, it has anti-inflammatory effects and owing to provitamin A, it even helps with psoriasis healing. That’s why our Euten Classic from now on, in new improved formula, becomes Euten PLUS and has even more powerful effects. Try Euten PLUS with beneficial effects of marigold.

Our “old” and well-known Euten cream has become Euten Classic. Euten Classic is still great, safe and maximum natural with the same price as before.