Uvinaktiv Tea – for Urinary Tract Infections


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Bioeliksir Europa, for the first time on our market, presents you a revolutionary mixture of Uvinaktiv tea, by an established producer, “Josif Pančić” the institute with 60-year long tradition.

That’s the tea which will liberate you from annoying bacteria in the bladder and urethrae. In immense number of cases, the bacterium Escherichia coli had disappeared from the organism due to usage of Uvinaktiv tea! Two main ingredients of Uvinaktiv tea, among others, are the plants medvjetka (Arctostaphylos uva – ursi) and mravinac (Origanum vulgare).

Uva or medvjeđe grožđe is an enemy to urinary infections. It’s a plant from the north of Europe usefulness of which had been confirmed in the old written documents of the Iceland people,Lapps, Finns… It is a natural antiseptic, antibiotic, antimicrobial, diuretic, detoxificant, hemostatic, tonic. In traditional medicine it has been used to heal kidney diseases, bladder inflammation, kidney stone, enlarged prostate gland…

However, what makes the Uvinaktiv tea unique is the combination with the mravinac plant.

Besides in gastronomy, mravinac or origano, or wild marjoram has from times immemorial, had a great part in traditional medicine. Namely, until the year 1935 when sulphonamid was found, mravinac had been used as a natural antibiotic. The tea prepared from mravinac has got a strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antivirus and antioxidative effect. It improves liver and gall bladder function and calms the nervous system. In combination with uva, which makes Uvinaktiv tea, we have got the best, invincible combination to fight bacteria, viruses and fungi.